Are you looking for the best hair secret to always have those beautifully flowing locks? Whatever your type of hair, you can now maintain it in good health with our Irish Hair Care Products. At Leon Gorman Hair Care, we have borrowed from the Irish Organic Seaweed to come up with the most versatile range of Irish Hair Care items in the market. Through our research, we have discovered the unmatched benefits of Irish seaweed and we are using it to make our top of the range Irish Seaweed Products.

We have invested heavily in research to identify a wide range of nutrients and minerals present in Irish seaweed. Our discovery journey has taken years but today, we are proud to present highly effective hair care products that are natural, healthy and sustainable. Seaweed contains a rich collection of nutrients and minerals including calcium, zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and C and B and E. All these when used in combination maintain continuous hair production, healthy hair growth among other benefits.

These are the qualities you find in our Irish hair growth products and this is the reason we have built a strong customer base across the globe. Our products are prepared to perfection and they meet the highest standards in the industry. Our Irish Organic Seaweed products are gentle on your scalp and in fact, they moisturize it to protect hair follicles.

Unlike synthetic hair care products, all Leon Gorman Hair Care products have no side effects. Your skin will always be nourished, which contributes to better hair growth.