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The last frontier of algae? Their use for UV protection. In one study we have seen that without coralline algae only 49 percent of the cells of the epidermis are able to protect themselves from the rays

solar and infrared ones. On the contrary, on the coralline, 80 percent of the cells are protected from radiation. IS in the near future the laboratories are already studying i

wonderful enhanced effects of stem cells coming just from the algae. hormones and some caution

Algae are used in the medical field for

the amount of iodine useful for the proper functioning of the thyroid. But not only this. Naturopath Sylvie Rousseau, author of the book Find your hormone balance

"Iodine stimulates the production of all other hormones steroid, contributes to the proper functioning of the

immune system, exerts antibacterial, antiparasitic effects,

antiviral and anticancer, it is necessary to the normal growth and development of children and plays a fundamental role in the treatment of fibrocystic sinus,

as well as ovarian cysts ". But one is necessary clarification: «Who has thyroid disorders, as well as who has high blood pressure, should not take algae

regularly or in large quantities: in these cases, eat them sometimes it's okay, but you have to avoid hiring supplements based on algae ", explains Roberta Daccò,

responsible for the diagnostic center's gynecology service Italian. «In the same way, use is not recommended of creams based on algae if the thyroid is altered, because iodine is absorbed through the skin ».IN DEFENSE of the oceans But cosmetic companies are also committed to protecting the algae. Maressenzia, for example, for its lines based on Posidonia of the Egadi Islands, it uses only

seaweed just beached following of the autumn storms. Repêchage has direct cultivations in Maine not to collect those for growth spontaneous. Also La Mer, brand of reference in the prestige skincare, undertakes every year to support the protection of ocean habitats through

the La Mer Blue Foundation Heart Oceans. While Biotherm has developed the first solar line,

Water Lovers, which respects the environment

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